Precise Guideline and Preparation for SAP NetWeaver C_AUDSEC_731 Exam

Along with the application and module certifications, SAP also offers the opportunity for the courses and exams related to multiple technology platforms. This article is all about the required knowledge for the certification exam of SAP Authorization and Auditing for NetWeaver 7.31 (C_AUDSEC_731) which is supposed to deliver the associate level to the candidate who will successfully pass it. We are going to discuss the included topics, domains and module which will be included in the exam and for which you have to prepare yourself professionally. It is not recommended to carry the legacy methods for the certification exam preparations rather you must access some reliable dumps and preparation material so that you can save yourself from wasting the invested time and money.

SAP C_AUDSEC_731 exam information and detail:

Let us have a detailed view on the exam key points. As we have discussed above that C_AUDSEC_731 belongs to the SAP application platform and equipped you with the skills related to SAP NetWeaver domain. Unlike others, this certification exam is available to you only in English language. Whereas, there are some exams which is offered in several native languages by SAP. You will be asked for total 80 questions and the time allowed is three hours (180 minutes). No extra time is allocated once the time get s over so you must be fully attentive towards the clock too. Regarding the passing marks, the candidate who will be able to achieve 56% of total marks will considered to be successful.


Required knowledge for C_AUDSEC_731 exam:

SAP has mentioned some set of rules and required steps for the professional who are considered eligible for the mentioned exam. Firstly, it is assumed that you have desired basic knowledge related to NetWeaver ABAP AS authorization concepts and SAP security system management. So it is recommended to gain some set of skills regarding SAP security and have a firm grip on the concepts of SAP security. By fulfilling the above mentioned mandatory requirements will not only help you understanding the advanced concepts during the exam preparations but also will be beneficial in implementing your acquire capabilities in the industry as a successful professional.

SAP C_AUDSEC_731 Exam Questions

Recommended courses for the exam:

Below mentioned are the recommended courses which will enhance your knowledge skills on the SAP security domain. These courses are considered to have the helpful material for preparing the topics included in the C_AUDSEC_731 exam. It is not mandatory to opt all or any one of these, it is totally optional for the candidate to consider them.

  • ADM940 (NW 7.4)
  • ADM900 (NW 7.4)
  • ADM950 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)
  • SAPTEC (NW 7.4)

Topics covered in C_AUDSEC_731 exam:

When you are successful done with the supporting courses and training, the required experience and the pre- requisite mentioned above, now the time to prepare for the final exam is here.  We are going to list the important topics which are the part of this exam.

  1. Authorized environment configuration

Discussing about the role maintenance and customer values of it. Setting the password rules and parameters and system customization along with the ways to protect special users.

  1. Advanced user administration

The details about central user administration. Concepts related to SAP NetWeaver Identity Management.

  1. Authorizations and Users

Explain the creation of authorization and customizing of the role maintenance tool in SAP solutions. Describe how to examine and verify critical authorizations.

  1. Security

Understanding the procedure for SAP security including SAP security optimization self-service, SAP security note, and SAP solution manager.

  1. Interface security

SNC, SSL and describe how to configure SAP NetWeaver SSO.

  1. Basic role maintenance

Defining the role and valid authorizations for it. Understating composite, reference and derived roles along with role customization.

  1. Key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver

System architecture containing different SAP NetWeaver Application Servers and server architectures.

  1. System Audit

Security Audit Log, secure background services, spool and other administration services.

  1. User Maintenance

Maintain the master records and mass maintenance.

  1. Authorization Concepts for Identity Management
  2. Advanced Role Maintenance

Things to remember:

  • Always remember to focus on the related training and courses we have discussed earlier. This will be helpful in a perfect preparation.
  • Never underestimate the practice for the exam test by gaining the required real-time experience of SAP platform.

Read carefully the pre-requisite and the related information mentioned in the articles for the exam and concentrate on the exam topics.





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